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The following are testimonials of clients of Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation or any of its country affiliates/subsidiaries. As a rule these testimonials are unsolicited gratis from people we do business with. It may be possible for such testimonials to be reprints of those previously seen in other media. To give your own comments please email [email protected]. Note that we reserve the right not to upload comments by clients or other FX Station user as the case may be.

"One advantage of Performance is you can trade with only a minimum lot, that is around $1,000. You are not forced to expose much. The edge of Performance is the Internet Platform while others still do it manually. With the Internet, you can pre-define your risks. You can automatically put that in the system. So whether you are sleeping or whatever, and the market goes against your position, you need not worry because you won't loose too much.

- Nico, Finance Professional new to FX Trading

"The company has taken efforts to bring in foreign fund managers as resource persons for symposia giving us possible scenarios about world currencies. When you go to a bank, this is only available to their private banking unit, and you need to have $500,000 to be a member of their private banking unit. At Performance, you only need $10,000, and you'll already be treated the way banking units treats their clients."

- Jeff, veteran institutional currency trader

"I'm in information technology so when I got to know Performance I was impressed by the technology it is using. Its platform is Internet-based and on a Java, one of the most secured means of communications in the Internet. Java is being used by banks. From that, I see a company investing is real technology which just means that the company is really serious. Also, as a client I'm not limited to access my account, I can access it wherever I am and that is another thing that I admired in Performance."

- Randy, IT expert with own company

"Performance is an organization that is very professional. One of its advantages is you don't need to put a very big capital. I have already traded with big banking institutions and they require a huge capital. In other banking institutions also, when you are caught say in losing position, you are bound by that position even if you continue to lose. In Performance, you can easily change your position."

- G. Tan, Importer trading with Performance since 2000

"With Performance, they don't force you to do anything. They give you information, the trends, what's happening in the markets. The final decision is actually yours - whether you want to go with what they recommend or not. If you want to pullout anytime, they won't stop you. If you want to proceed, they'll tell you to go with caution."

- H. Chan, Importer

"The potential to cash in on currency movements is greater than ever with internet forex trading through PFEC as trade now can be completed instantaneously."

- B. Chua, veteran financial market professional

"With banks you earn what? Two percent? In FX trading, there is no limit on how much you can gain. It's like to the stock market, but you buy forex through PFEC not on their face value but rather merely cover the potential differences or margins of the values of the two currencies you are trading."

- Phillip G., Independent Trader

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