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The Currency Tracker

The Currency Tracker is one of Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation's premiere technical tools to help its clients get a better view of what the big market players are doing. It provides clients with the latest moves being taken by each major market player regarding the major currencies being traded.

The Currency Tracker is a clients-only service. Existing clients who want to access this service should check their email for their username and password. Please email the Research Department with "Forgot my Password" as subject heading to request for forgotten passwords.

To view the Currency Tracker, please click one of the links below.

01 August 2005 morning edition

01 August 2005 evening edition

02 August 2005 morning edition

02 August 2005 evening edition

03 August 2005 morning edition

03 August 2005 evening edition

04 August 2005 morning edition

04 August 2005 evening edition

05 August 2005 morning edition

05 August 2005 evening edition

08 August 2005 morning edition

08 August 2005 evening edition

10 August 2005 morning edition

10 August 2005 evening edition

11 August 2005 morning edition

11 August 2005 evening edition

12 August 2005 morning edition

12 August 2005 evening edition

15 August 2005 morning edition

17 August 2005 morning edition

17 August 2005 evening edition

22 August 2005 morning edition

22 August 2005 evening edition

23 August 2005 morning edition

23 August 2005 evening edition

25 August 2005 morning edition

25 August 2005 evening edition

To view the PFEC Newsletter, please click one of the links below.

01 August 2005

03 August 2005

04 August 2005

05 August 2005

08 August 2005

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11 August 2005

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