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Welcome to Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation -- An online FX trading company and member of the SolidGold Group.
Welcome to Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation -- An online FX trading company and member of the SolidGold Group. Welcome to Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation -- An online FX trading company and member of the SolidGold Group. Welcome to Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation -- An online FX trading company and member of the SolidGold Group. Welcome to Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation -- An online FX trading company and member of the SolidGold Group.
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PERFORMANCE FOREIGN EXCHANGE CORPORATION (PFEC) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 23 June 1998, primarily to operate as a broker/agent between market participants in transactions involving, but not limited to, foreign exchange.

The company is the largest FX broker and information service provider with the widest range of value-added services in the country today. Through its experienced professionals, the company keeps its clients updated with what is going on in the market with its daily commentaries, market newsletters, and currency trackers to give clients a look into what the market makers are doing.



An important service of PFEC is its state-of-the-art internet currency trading system called the FX STATION. It is a web-based leveraged trading system using the latest in internet technology. The platform was developed to answer the clients' need for a fast, safe, efficient, and transparent execution system in mind. At the heart of the FX Station is the trading interface that is a dealing desk in itself. It is a modular browser-based system that allows a client to monitor markets, program trading activities, and be constantly aware of his market positions.

With the FX Station, a client gets a 24-hour market access to the spot market which provides:

  • Real-Time Currency Rates
  • Real-Time Currency News
  • Real-Time Trade Dealing and Market-to-Market Equity Reports
  • Real-Time Dynamic Charting System and Technical Studies
  • Detailed Market Positions and Trading Records


PFEC believes that it should equip its clients with analytical tools to better understand the spot foreign exchange market and its intricacies, such as:

  • The Currency Tracker - This service which is exclusive to PFEC, is a compilation of the recommendations from selected market experts of large bank/non-bank FX trading institutions for specific currency pairs. Monthly performance summaries are likewise provided to validate the previous recommendations made.
  • SMS Service - PFEC clients regularly receive market news and currency rates through the Short Messaging System (SMS) on a 24-hour basis.
  • Currency Analyses on Video - This provides clients with a replay of the all-important daily interviews of FX experts from various reputable financial institutions via a video streaming facility.
  • International Seminars - On top of providing experts' market advice, real-time market news and rates, daily newsletters, currency analyses on video, and chart links, PFEC clients as well as members of the media and business community get to know the latest outlook and trends in the spot foreign currency markets via seminars.
  • Client Training Programs - PFEC clients are sponsored for free to attend sessions on the FX Business Basics and Technical Analysis. These learning programs provide clients with real-time application of trade plans, technical studies, risk and capital management, to name a few. That way, whether with trading experience or not, clients will be prepared to trade on their own.
  • PFI Forex Newsletters / Daily Commentaries - Clients are given up-to-date, reliable, and accurate market information, forex newsletters, and commentaries through the email daily. This is maintained by PFEC's Research and Training Department, which is staffed by highly-qualified market analysts.

Clearly, providing clients all the information and knowledge that would give them confidence to trade by themselves shows that PFEC firmly believes in allowing them to make the decisions on when and how much to trade. When decision time comes, PFEC stands back to let the clients do the trading. Hence, clients enjoy absolute control and trading flexibility in whatever time frame they choose.


To provide the utmost service it can, Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation uses the best possible combination of people, technology, ingenuity, and financial muscle. The latest generation of FX Station, our main dealing platform, is an amalgam of the best features from diverse services normally accessible by subscription or through high overhead-integrated trading systems used by the top financial institutions. On top this, we have people with the most experience in the market, the best management team in client service, the most informed Research Department, and a network of online real-time facilities for research and technical anaylysis.

The management team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in various financial services.

  • Roberto Borromeo, Executive Director, is a Filipino with over 28 years of extensive Marketing, Banking, and Finance experience with various financial institutions particularly in the areas of Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Correspondent Banking, Product Development, Trade and Investment Advisory/Consultancy, Financial Guaranty, and Lease Financing. Apart from the Philippines, his market exposures has been in the financial centres of Singapore, Europe, Middle East, and the United States.

    Mr. Borromeo graduated from the Ateneo de manila University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Engineering. He completed his MBA course at the University of the Philippines.

  • Gabriel P. Erazo, Senior Branch Business Manager - Business Department, has established his career in consultancy as well as in financial brokerage and currency/commodities trading. He finished his BS Mechanical Engineering course at the Mindanao State University and completed his MA in Educational Measurement and Evaluation at the Philippine Normal University.

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