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Dealing Functions

How do I open the 'New Order' / dealing window?

New Order IconThe dealing window may be access by double clicking on any instrument in ‘Market Watch’, through the new order icon or double clicking on any item in the ‘Trade’ tab of the ‘Terminal’.

How do I place ‘Stops’ and ‘Limits’?

Stops and Limits are initially placed through the ‘Ticket’ details of the ‘New Order’ / dealing window.
Ticket Details Window

For existing positions stops and limits may be placed by right clicking on the particular order then clicking the 'Modify or Delete Order' tab.
Modify/Delete Tab

How do I place price driven or limit orders?

As with any type of order to open, limits are made from the New Order / Dealing Window under the 'New Entry Order' section at the bottom of the panel.
New Entry Order section

How do I place price driven or limit orders?

Trades are opened though the New Order or Dealing Window. This may either be market or and entry limit / 'price driven' type order.

When opening a trade two sets of information are established, 'Ticket' details, consisting of the currency pair, lots (number of contracts), and optional 'Stop Loss' and 'Take Profit' prices.

Placing price-driven or limit orders

. . . and Price details either as a form of 'Market Order' or as 'New Entry Order'.

Placing price-driven or limit orders

How do I close a trade?

Open positions may be closed via market order by clicking on the said position and requesting for a quote.

Open positions may be closed via market order

The said quote is then valid for either closing the position via the button below it or, if desired, opening another position.

Closing a position

How do I remove an Entry Order / Limit Order?

Double click on your pending order and choose delete.
Removing an Entry Order / Limit Order?

Charting Functions

How do I open a chart?

To open a chart you may either use the 'File' button in the menu and select New Chart and the currency you desire, or from 'Market Watch' right click the currency of your choice and select chart window.

How do I change from one instrument to another?

To change from one currency pair to another, click on the desired instrument and drag to the chart window.

How do I add an indicator to a chart?

Indicator IconThere are three ways of a adding a study to an active chart, by double clicking on the desired indicator in the 'Navigator' window, right clicking on the chart selecting 'Indicators' and the desired study, or using the indicator icon.

How do I put a label in the charts?

Charts may be labeled in two ways : 'Text' or 'Symbols'. To use either of the two, activate either 'Text' Text Icon or 'Symbols' Symbols Icon by clicking on their icons then click on the desired location in the chart. For 'Text' markers, details or messages may be changed by selecting the word 'text' and right-clicking to allow changing of its content through the properties option.

Can I change the color scheme of my charts?

Yes. Colors for charts, backgrounds, studies, and analytics may be change by right clicking on the chart or an item and going into properties, there are three default color schemes for charts yellow on black, green on black, and black on white.

Can I print the charts in my screen?

Yes, you may print charts through the use of the printer icon or by right clicking on the chart and selecting 'Print'. Note however that all prints will be in black, chart colors are not printable through this method.

Can I save my personal settings for charts?

Templates IconYes, by using chart templates you can setup charts according to your preferred indicators and settings and save these templates for recall some other time or application to any new chart you may have opened. To access templates right-click on the active chart and choose 'template' or use the templates icon.

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